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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Life is good we got a new dog and named her lucy. We are moving closer to our cousins and we will be in cycling distance. I have a new hobby which is fishing and I sold my ipad to fill my tackle box and pod a pod and alarm for carp fishing, and a new rod and reel for bass fishing. The place where we're moving has allot of kids so I'll get some friends. I'm starting to save for a Ipod touch because I sold my Ipad and can't get on Skype as much. I do homeschool at home with my mom most of the time but now that my mom is packing I'm working at my dads office with my brother and cousins now. I need to start drumming again I had a drum teacher but now that we're moving I have to go to drum lessons somewhere else. I didn't like my old drum teacher so I'm pretty glad. Remind me to keep posting. Bye.

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