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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hi everybody, hope your doing fine because I am. Life in South Africa has been good its amazing how short the grass is here becasue its like your walking on a green in a golf field its so short. I'm doing good I am having a good time seeing grama and grampa and cousins and aunt's and uncle's. Its weird adult you call aunty or uncle instead of Mr or Mrs its really weird. I still cannot wait till I get my camera im just so exited. It was cool today at 7:30pm we were running around in a apartment playing kinda like tag and a old lady came out complaining because we were being loud I just dont get it because it was 7:30 its not like they are trying to go to sleep or something. I like it here and I can get use to it here. Its weird while I'm updating my blog and Im spelling because like becasue but I went back and spelt it correctly. I hop[e you guys are doing good and I really dont have anything more to say have a good time bye.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Hi were finally here in South Africa we've actually been here for one day. Its been good and everything is doing fine. I cant wait till next week becasue the kids are arriving and were going to Mamelodi. This is been fun so far and we're getting settled in. Thats all I have to say today bye.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We're almost there!!!

Hey guys were almost in South Africa, almost is London. London is nice and we have a flight out at 7:05pm which is 3hours and 5 minutes till we leave on our plane to South Africa. I cant wait until were there and keep checking my site and you will get updated n whats happening. I im drinking pepsi and being bored. Please stay in contact with me and check my blog everyday if I dont update it oneday ill do it the next just please stay in contact with my blog. I have to go ill stay inn contact with you have a great day bye.

Monday, June 1, 2009


hi i messed up again on my last 2 posted i said 4 and 3 days left but it was actually 3 and 2 days and today im leaving tomorrow so its really exiting. Things are getting done but very slowly and and its almost nighttime. I cant wait till we go and now theres little packing to do so thats good. Ill post another post later bye.